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Basic Income Tax calculator for 2018

(Type only numbers in the boxes, do not put $ or , or any characters)
Filing Status: Single Married filing jointly Head of household
Number of Qualifying non-child dependents:
Number of Qualifying Children:
Have you reached age 65 or are you blind: yes no
Has your spouse reached age 65 or are your spouse blind: yes no


Tax-exempt interest:
Ordinary dividends:
Qualified dividends:
Long Term Capital Gains:
Long Term Capital Losses:
Short Term Capital Gains:
Short Term Capital Losses:
Social security benefits:
Others(State/local income tax refunds, IRA distributions etc.):

Deductions(Above Line)

IRA deduction(Max $5500/$6500 over age 50) :
Others(HSA, Student Loan Interest etc.):

Deductions(Below Line)

(Required if claiming itemized deductions instead of standard deduction)

State and local state Taxes:
Real estate taxes:
Home mortgage interest:
Others(Gift to Charity etc.):

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